Guide to buying the best snowboard jackets

Since snowboarding is a sport that is performed in an environment which not really suitable for everyone because of the temperature requirements so things can go south anytime. In such cases, all a person can do is have the right equipment to tackle the harsh weather conditions which involve wearing a jacket to keep the body warm and dry and protect it from any kind of harm. Snowboarding is a beautiful sport which offers excellent scenic view and thrill so a right pair of best snowboard jackets can help you enjoy it to its fullest.

Things to be considered before buying the best snowboard jackets

There are always some things that should be considered before rushing into buying the perfect pair of jacket for snowboarding-

Breathability- The first thing that one should look for is the breathability factor because it is more about the comfort and less about the look. Snowboarding is a great sport which involves a lot of action, and that action can work up the snowboarder’s body resulting in a large amount of sweat. So the fabric of the jacket should be efficient enough to prevent it from getting stuck to the skin avoiding uncomfortable situations.

Waterproof- It is also important for the jacket to keep the body dry for the maximum time it comes in contact with water. If the jacket has the high spec, then it will tend to be drier. It is more about how much water the jacket can hold before the water starts to pass through it. High spec jackets might be more efficient in terms of waterproofing, but it can result in a higher price.

Cost- Before buying the jacket, always check the budget and try to be in the budget. Also, make sure what you want to prioritize more in terms of features as this can save you a lot of money.

How to choose the best snowboard jacket?

Being an extreme sport, snowboarding requires some high quality outwear and since there is so much of it present in the market, it becomes tough for many people to decide which one to choose. The points said below will help you in buying the right snowboarding jacket.


Jackets with different features are being introduced every day. Some of the features can include self-heating vests built inside the jacket. But these features come at a cost. But some features are worth looking for in a jacket like moisture absorbing design. Basically, its work is to keep the moisture away. Also, the jacket should have vents for airflow to prevent excessive sweating.

Fabric used

Every fabric has this rating, which determines its waterproof nature and the amount of water damage it can handle. The higher the number of ratings, the higher its efficiency increases to keep water out.

Breathability is another factor that one should look for as we discussed before. Moreover, below we’ve mentioned some good jackets that one can choose from.

Top 2 snowboard jackets

The jackets mentioned below are some of the best jackets out there as they are rich in features, have a great feedback and they come at a very reasonable price. The review of these jackets will help you in making a choice

Burton Men’s Covert Jacket

Burton Men's Covert Jacket - Front viewThis jacket from Burton is by far the most versatile jacket, and one can ever find at this price range. This is a very high-quality jacket and available in different colors and designs. So basically you are getting really great options at a very specific price range, which is not very high. Apart from that, the fabric used is 100% authentic. This imported jacket is a product that is approved by a blue sign. For this product, it can be easily said that this is a pocket-friendly jacket as the price for which it is offered is pretty reasonable. As far as the waterproofing feature is concerned, the fabric used is “dry ride 2-layer Nylon dobby”. The rating of this waterproofing feature is 10,000 MM and 5,000G. So we can say that the amount of water it will stop is pretty average. Now let’s have the real talk. In general, the higher the number, the better and when a sport like snowboarding is involved, then there are very high chances of water getting inside so the jacket should be able to prevent that water from reaching the body. This jacket might not have a very high number, but it is good enough for snowboarding as it can keep the maximum amount of water away from the body. So we can say that the premium waterproofing is pretty much reliable.

Now comes the warmth part. Since the jacket has a lining that is mapped with recycled content (40%) for Thermolite insulation. Also, the taffeta fabric used is blocked embossed. So this jacket can help in keeping the body warm all the time. It can be easily rocked anytime during winters or during spring. These features prove the cost efficiency of this jacket.

Burton Men's Covert Jacket - insideThis jacket also has a feature for attachment. The jacket has seams that are critically taped. The seam helps in attaching the pants with the jacket, and this is entirely done with this jacket too. Also, the jacket is compatible with helmets as there is an extra attachment for that too. There is a contour hood that comes with this jacket, and the hood also provided the feature of rear cinching.

For extra features, this jacket includes a front chest compartment. This small media can be used to hold goggles. The sleeves are also secured for audio. So the jacket is made for easily accessing the media. This jacket is loaded with pockets, pockets that serve all purposes. Also, there is a waist gaiter (removable) which helps in keeping the cold out. This is a full package and does justice with the money you spend on it. Overall, there are no cons that seem to make this jacket a lousy choice for purchase. This jacket has everything you need for snowboarding. It prevents snow, it keeps moisture away, it allows breathability, it is affordable, and it is super comfortable. One should definitely consider this jacket while looking for snowboarding jackets. This jacket is available in stores as well as online where you can get pretty exciting offers.


  • Blue-sign approved
  • Easy-Access media
  • Incredible features
  • Cost efficient


  • No cons at this price

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Phibee Big Boy’s Waterproof Breathable Snowboard Ski Jacket

Phibee Big Boy's - Front viewThis jacket made from 100% polyester is a must while indulging in a sport like snowboarding. The look, the features, the price and the appeal this jacket has is formidable. This is one of the fanciest jackets one can have. This is a great jacket for kids because of the bright colors and the light weight of this jacket. This jacket is available in different colors, so if you have more than one child, then you can choose the same jacket with two different colors and design. Moreover, this is an imported jacket, and it has a very fancy touch to it. Unlike other snowboarding jackets, this one is much lighter in weight. The weight of this jacket makes it ideal for children as they can easily play around or indulge in an extreme sport without any kind of discomfort that is generally caused by the weight of the outwear. This jacket allows easy movement and does not limit the actions of the person who is wearing it. Now let’s talk about this jacket’s breathability. The jacket has vents for air, which provides ventilation inside the jacket so the body can easily breathe and it also makes sure that the sweat does not get clung to the body which generally causes a lot of discomforts. Also, the jacket keeps the moisture away from the body which is the first thing you want when the body starts sweating in a cold environment. The other feature of this jacket is that it is waterproof. This jacket basically prevents almost all the water that comes in contact with it. This is what makes it an excellent choice for children as they are known to get a little playful around water.

Phibee Big Boy's - internal cuffsThe jacket is fully seamed, and the best part is that the seam is sealed tight so there is no way that snow or cold can pass through it. Also, there are the internal cuffs that are stretchable. These cuffs provide thumbholes for comfort while grabbing. Then there are the interior pockets that are zippered. These pockets can be used to hold anything. Also, there is the goggle pocket made of mesh. Overall, this can be said as one of the best jackets available in the market at this unbelievable price range.

These features of this jacket are pretty impressive, and the best part is that all this comes at a very low price. The jacket is so affordable that no second thought is needed for making any decisions. The best part about all this is that children love the jacket because of the amazing designs it has to offer. So if you are looking for a snowboarding jacket for your kids, then this one is the best choice concerning cost, efficiency, features, comfort, and style. This one is easily available in the market and also online, where you can find great deals for this one.


  • Cheap
  • Waterproof
  • 100% polyester
  • Breathable
  • Highly-comfortable


  • No cons at this price

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