What You Need To Know About Best Snowboard Jackets Materials

Snowboarding is without a doubt a very exciting sport for those who love snow activities. You, of course, will need to invest in the best gear for the sport considering that it is an outdoor activity that is sometimes enjoyed under icy and wet conditions. Snowboard jackets are some of the most important outerwear for this sport because they keep the cold and wetness out and the heat in so you do not freeze as you enjoy the activity. To enjoy better protection, you will need to look for the best snowboard jackets. The material they are made of is one of the most important aspects when choosing because they can determine just how waterproof, warm and durable they are.

Manufacturers use different fabrics to design these jackets, so they are suitable for combating wetness, wind, and cold. Some come with fancy names, but usually nylon and polyester are the most commonly used materials for the jackets. Below is a highlight of materials you may find when looking for a good jacket for snowboarding.

  • Nylon – It is strong and has elastic characteristics. This material is also low in absorbency thus making it ideal for the jackets in keeping the wetness out. To achieve its functionality for the snowboard jackets, it needs to be woven into varying material weights usually indicated by gauge measurements. It is easy to dye and very simple to wash, hence making it a popular material for manufacturers and buyers. Breathability and waterproof nature of your nylon jacket will depend on how the manufacturer has woven it.
  • Polyester – It I not only resistant to shrinking but also very strong, quick drying and resistant to mildew. They are the properties that make the material preferable for outerwear designed for wet and cold conditions like those in winter. The best snowboard jackets are usually made from 100% polyester, or they may be enhanced with other fabrics to improve the quality. To achieve water resistance using this fabric it is tightly woven, and this also makes it durable. Your jacket is likely to be coated with a durable water repellent coating or laminated to ensure that it is waterproof. All polyesters snowboard jackets are not the same; some are denser and heavier than others because of the varying weight gauges they are made of.
  • Gore-Tex – This porous material has microscopic openings that are thousands of times smaller than a water drop. Hence it makes a good choice in making snowboard jackets. This characteristic gives the material, waterproof but breathable value. Your jacket may not be 100% made from this material; its membranes need to be attached to polyester and nylon as the base fabrics so that a secure protective shield against cold, snow and wind is created. To keep moisture out, it is necessary for the seams to be sealed. You can be sure that a jacket whose seams are sealed will be waterproof and ideal for snowboarding. Staying warm and dry should be what guides you to the right jacket for the outdoor activity.

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