Protective Features That Should Matter When Buying The Best Snowboard Jackets

protective features when looking for best snowboard jacketsGetting the best snowboard jackets is very important so that you remain warm and well protected from the cold elements as you enjoy the outdoor activities. The truth is that the jacket comes into direct contact with snow and cold-related elements and hence the importance of making sure that you select a piece that will serve the purpose properly. Below are some of the protective and convenience features that you should look for when buying the jacket, so you have the best in the end.

  • Cuffs – They wrap around the wrists ensuring that snow and water are kept out of your sleeve. When buying your jacket, choose elastic sleeves or designs that are bound to serve this purpose if at all you are to remain dry throughout your snowboarding session.
  • Gaiters – They are usually water resistant materials which extend from inside the sleeve so as to offer you a protective interface around the wrists. They are quite functional in covering exposed skin between cuffs and gloves thus restricting snow, wind and cold from getting into your inner garment parts.
  • Seams – For your jacket to keep you dry, you also want to check the seams when buying. They should prevent moisture from leaking through needle holes. It is best that you choose a jacket that has fully taped seams to ensure that every garment stitch is sealed to offer maximum protection.
  • Zippers – They secure jacket and keep the wet conditions and cold out. When buying your jacket, try to get waterproof zippers which usually have water repellent coatings sprayed on them to keep moisture from entering through zipper teeth. You also want to get a jacket with zippers that are strong enough so it can serve your needs for long.
  • Vents – Your jacket maybe breathable but the truth is you may need added airflow depending on how conditions change or how hot you may feel at given times. When buying the best snowboard jackets you, therefore, want to choose one with vents, especially under the arm, across the back or on the chest to keep your torso cool when the need arises. These vents will most times come lined using mesh so that air flow is adequate without necessarily allowing too much chill inside the jacket.
  • Storm flaps – They are material pieces designed to cover zippers, so rain, wind, and snow are prevented from breaking through spaces and openings on the jacket. The flaps can cover the outer parts of the zipper, or they can also be along inner parts of the zipper offering the added shield. If you are not sure whether your zippers have water-resistant coatings, then it is best that you consider buying a jacket that has these flaps.
  • Utility pockets – They are convenient features you cannot forget when looking for the best snowboard jackets. There are essentials you just need to carry with you when going outdoors for your favorite activity such as keys, phone, wallet and even goggles and extra gloves among others. A jacket with a good number of pockets will make this easy for you to achieve. Zippered pockets are even better at keeping your items safe.

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