Wenven Men’s Hooded Warm Coat Winter Parka Jacket Review

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Parka jackets, the best snowboard jackets have a reputation for their warmth, and if you are preparing for winter, then this is the perfect jacket to get. The faux fur collar on the hoods makes the jacket stand out and look stylish at the same time. If you do not feel a need to enjoy what the hood and the fur have offered in terms of keeping you warm, you have an option to detach either or both of them enjoy another great look. The shell design is rip-stop, and it is quilted using thick padding so that the insulation is taking a notch higher even at very low temperatures.

The Wenven Men’s hooded warm coat winter Parka jacket also has pockets that are roomy enough, and they can be fastened using zip to fetch you that warm fit. To keep the wearer thoroughly protected against cold and wind, the jacket comes with rib-cuffs. The elastic cuffs hold the sleeve in place and also keep the cold out. Wenven Men's-best snowboard jackets-pocketsThe fabric is polyester, but the lining is made of Sherpa fleece. To ensure that the wearer remains completely protected, it has a full-length zipper as well as button closure. As far as storage goes, this jacket has ample of space in the five big pockets. You can use them to keep essentials like phone, keys and others handy even when not carrying a bag with you.

The Wenven Parka jacket with hood makes a very good choice for outdoor activities and daily life errand. It can be used for snowboarding, camping, golf, driving, cycling and even skiing among others. It is machine washable even though the manufacturer recommends hand washing. It is made available in different sizes, and all you have to do is confirm your size to get the right fit.


  • Very warm and lightweight
  • Lots of pockets for safekeeping of essential things and convenience
  • Detachable hood and faux fur to enjoy a completely different look
  • Features full-length zipper and button closure for even better protection from wind and cold
  • Comfortable sleeves with elastic cuffs for added protection
  • Can be machine washed
  • Superb insulation suitable for freezing temperatures
  • 100% polyester fabric with Sherpa fleece lining for warmth and comfort without additional bulk


  • Size a little smaller than normal men’s large jackets
  • Not as high in quality


The Wenven Men’s hooded warm coat winter Parka jacket makes a very good choice for those who live in low-temperature areas and want to stay dry and warm. When you have this jacket, you do not need to wear that snowmobile suit that you do not like. You can layer it over even a suit as you go to the office and remains very functional for everyday styles as well. It has all functional features, and it is indeed a jacket that is easy to wear and look stylish. With the detachable hood, you can enjoy different looks with the same jacket without giving up the warmth.

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